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Moving out of your current residence or office? Let our movers give you a helping hand professionally

Relocation requires a whole lot of preparation which includes planning, paperwork. Generally, it is such a time-consuming experience. However, packing and unpacking often result in the most strenuous exercise in your entire moving experience. While some of your fragile household items need to be crated, secured and moved carefully, some other bulky stuff require systematic handling to avoid any damage. Don’t go through the stress all by yourself; let our professional team of packers assist you. We’re just a call away!

  • Full Packing: This service option is designed for those who do not like packing. We bring our team of packers to your home or office so they can organize complete packing solutions to help you with everything, from packing to moving to unpacking.
  • Partial Packing: Do you require little, professional help with packing a single office, room or kitchen? We guarantee to help you pack only the stuffs you specify.
  • Single Items Packing: If you need help with packing your fragile, household items like antiques, appliances or bulky stuffs like furniture; get in touch with us. We’ll help you crate, secure and protect your items with utmost care.

Full Service Options – For Your Seamless Moving Experience

For your own convenience, we combine professional mover services with value-added packing and unpacking solutions so you can focus on other things that are important. In addition, we provide custom storage boxes to help store up your belongings. Our trained packers and movers will come to your location with standard moving supplies. For bespoke packing solutions that fits your needs, contact Panneton & Panneton today.

Moving Equipment

Do you need to hire moving equipment for a do-it-yourself DIY moving in Montréal? Panneton and Panneton offer a full range of specialized moving equipment to make the job easier and faster. For even more flexibility and convenience whilst moving stuffs, renting moving equipment is just what you need. Reduce stress. Hire moving equipment. Move smartly Our moving equipment will help you save costs and speed up your next move, whether you’re moving small items, large appliances or bulky equipment. We provide a great selection of moving equipment for rent; all you need to do is call our hotline to schedule appointment.

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