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In need of a phenomenal moving service for long distance and international needs? You need to move with a company that won’t let you down Panneton & Panneton and Great Canadian Van Lines – perfect partners for holistic international moving There is a huge difference between a long distance move and an international move. Our long distance moves range from over a 500 km distance to another destination, usually in a different province outside of Montréal. On the other hand, our international move cuts across two different countries. So there’s much complication in an international move when compared to a cross country move. You’re advised to carefully select a veteran moving company who hones a strong reputation that’s built on high quality services in both Canada and overseas. Through the years, Panneton & Panneton in collaboration with Great Canadian Van Lines have been able to assist many clients in moving their goods across borders.

Our international move services features:

  • Air freight capabilities for all size shipments
  • Worldwide ocean freight shipping for all size shipments
  • International move specialist assigned to individual clients
  • Vehicle shipping with storage options
  • Detailed move preparation support and counseling
  • Full support for Host your shipment
  • Partnering with Great Canadian Van Lines worldwide
  • Bringing long-distance moving solutions

Here at Panneton & Panneton, we discovered that the greatest concern of many of our customers while relocating to a new country is the security of their precious household belongings while shipping. Another point is the bulky paperwork, procedures and customs formalities that need to be satisfied before gaining entry into your new country of residence.

Panneton & Panneton is on a mission. We really want to prepare you for a worry-free relocation outside Canada, so you can perfectly understand what to expect. From the onset, we will assign you a move specialist to help you breeze through the various stages including custom documentation, safety precautions, packing and unpacking and lots more.

We provide international moving solutions throughout North America:

  • Packaging of your goods: (we provide moving boxes, blankets to cover your furniture, new plastic bags for your mattresses and rugs to protect your belongings).
  • Storage:  it may happen that you are obliged to store your belongings for a few weeks or months, until your new home is ready. If this is the case, we will have them stored up in our state-of-the-art warehouse located in the heart of Montreal.
  • Transport: we are in the business of moving people across Canada and North America, but we also offer moving services internationally in collaboration with Great Canadian Van Lines – one of the best logistics company in Canada

Planning a Move Abroad?

With Pannneton & Pannneton, you will leave all your worries behind. We will help you experience true convenience, ease and peace of mind through our guaranteed-best solution for international moving needs. Get in touch with us via our email or directly through (514) 939 0099, for a FREE estimate.

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